1) To apply for a key to gain access to the gardens of Cleveland Square and Cleveland Gardens you need to be able to provide proof of your identity and proof of your of residency in a property in either Cleveland Square or Cleveland Gardens W2.
2) Once eligibility has been established, a single numbered key will be issued on payment of a refundable deposit of £100. If this key is lost a second key will only be issued on production of the paperwork listed below along with a further deposit of £200
3) Only one key will be issued for each flat at any one time. The key will remain the property of the Cleveland Square and Gardens Residents’ Association. When you move away from the Square or Gardens please return your key within one month and you will be refunded your key deposit of £100.
4) The garden rates pertaining to your property must be fully paid up before a key can be issued and If the garden rates become overdue and remain unpaid, you will forfeit the right to use the gardens and your key will be remotely turned off until the overdue garden rate is paid in full. As soon as the garden rate has been paid in full your key will be reactivated.
5) The gardens can only be used by you, your household and by your accompanied guests and you will be responsible for their actions.
6) You, your household and your guests will observe the garden rules as set out by the committee and note that serious violation may result in the temporary or permanent banning of individuals or households concerned. A copy of the bye-laws, rules & guidelines are available on request and are also on the website and on display within the gardens of Cleveland Square. These rules may be amended from time to time without notice.
7) Lost Keys  - Each key has a number on it and so if it is lost and found  it can be returned to you. Contact for a lost key replacement  application form. Your lost key will be remotely switched off. There is a further deposit of £200 for the replacement key.
8) Key Return - Your deposit will be refunded if you return your garden key within one month of the end of your residence in Cleveland Square or Gardens. Your key is uniquely programmed to your name and address. It must not be passed on to a new tenant of your property nor to your landlord. The key for an address will no longer work from the date that the new resident’s key is issued. 
9) If your key is found to be used by some one other than you after your departure it will be remotely switched off and your deposit will be forfeited.
10) Your deposit will be forfeited if your key is not returned within one month of your departure. 

To arrange to drop off your key please contact: 


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